Small Ch-ch-ch-changes

Heat by spcummings

Phil’s been on a mission the last year to walk behind me and the boys turning off lights. He’s also replaced all our regular bulbous light bulbs with flourescents, and he’s been cognizant of turning down the thermostat when we leave the house. I’ve humored him, and have gotten into the habit, with some backsliding when I’m forgetful, of being more conscious about the heat and light we use needlessly.

Phil’s main motivator was saving the planet, not our checkbook.

Last year we signed up for a budget program with our gas company in which our gas usage over the entire year is divided by 12, and each month we pay the same amount. So we have a relatively hefty bill in June that represents three times our usage, but we’re not floored by a bill in January. Last year our bill was $99 per month.

I just received our adjusted bill, and even with gas prices higher than the Sears Tower, Phil’s diligence paid off. The new bill is $91 — or almost $100 per year less than last year.

Amazingly, this hundred dollars was completely painless. We haven’t spent the year pulling on a third sweater or heating up foot bricks for the boys to take to bed. We just stopped using energy we didn’t need when we were away from home or out of a room. Who knew?


2 responses to “Small Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Have you considered using a clothes rack (in the winter) and/or an outdoor clothes line (in the warmer months) in lieu of your dryer? It’s amazing how much not running a clothes dryer will save in the cost to your wallet as well as Mother Earth. Check out for more info!

  2. Great idea, Laura! We often dry towels on a rack, but we haven’t taken to drying much more than that. We’ll try it. And thanks for the link!

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