Magical Thinking

Here was today.

It snowed and sleeted in Indy, but not so much that I missed my routine weekly doctor’s appointment. While listening to the baby’s heartbeat, my doctor got that sort of unreadable concerned/thinking look doctors get. He said the baby’s heartbeat was very rapid, but he’d check again in a few minutes. A few minutes later, same look. So I had to be hooked up to the fetal monitor for half an hour to see if maybe her heartbeat would naturally come down. Which it didn’t.

So I got sent to the adjoining hospital, registered, braceleted, and set up in a “family room” where the baby’s heartbeat would be monitored for the next two hours. I was fortunate enough to have in my work bag a half-knitted sock I keep for flight delays, as well as my Blackberry and some articles to read. So I cancelled my meetings for the morning and early afternoon, called my boss to say I would either be very late today or possibly having a baby, and hunkered down.

This is when I learned that my baby apparently practices Tae Bo early-ish in the morning, and proceeds to spend the next several hours drinking herbal tea and catching up on her Jane Austen. Because as soon as I was hooked up in the hospital, her heartbeat settled way down, sluggishly down, and stayed that way for the entire two hours. Let’s hope she follows this same pattern when she’s out and about.

So while the morning wasn’t what I expected, it had a couple highlights. Such as that she’s just fine. That I wouldn’t be delivering her that day.

And that while I was relaxing and checking my Blackberry, I received an e-mail from my friend Carla asking if I was going to Michael Pollan’s free lecture this Monday. Michael Pollan. Free. Surely you heard my girlish peals of delight. I feel like somehow I willed him to come to the midwest by writing about him this week.

Which leaves me in a panic about what to wear, as these days there’s really only one honest answer to the question, “Do I look fat in this outfit?”

4 responses to “Magical Thinking

  1. That’s scary! I’m so glad the baby’s okay–and that you didn’t have to deliver early.

    What happened to the photo of Michael Pollan? Hope the baby stays put long enough for you to see him and report back to us! – J

  2. Hey, Julia, I’m not sure what was up with the photo, but I can’t seem to get it working again. Maybe Michael Pollan doesn’t want to share himself with others. So I took it out; thanks for the heads up!

    I’ll just bring my ob with me to the Butler University rather than miss him. I’m a little embarrassed about how much I’m looking forward to seeing him — it’s like it’s 1985 and George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley are coming to town.

  3. Ha. Well, I guess you’ll have to take your own picture of him on Monday to post. He won’t get away that easily!

    You saw how excited I got about interviewing Daniel McGinn and Sarah Susanka on my site, so I understand geeky obsessions with writers and will never be able to make fun of you for yours. 😉

    Have fun and report back! -Julia K

  4. I am glad that your little one is okay and that you got to see one of your fave authors.

    I giggled at the WHAM! reference since I just heard them today on the 80s station on satellite radio. 🙂

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