The Amateur Tightwad Moves On

I had a blog ( for a year and a half. When I decided to start a new blog — this one — I thought I’d go for a publisher with a few more bells and whistles. But I haven’t really learned how to use those bells and whistles, so I’m dancing with the blog publisher that brought me. Please visit the Amateur Tightwad site at the following address:

See you there!

One response to “The Amateur Tightwad Moves On

  1. hookedonhouses

    Hey, Cindy! Just found your new blog. I was going to leave a comment on it but it’s set so only Blogspot bloggers are allowed to.

    The baby is beautiful! Makes me want to scoop her right up and bring her home with me (you may want to lock your doors to keep me out…).

    Sorry to hear about the mastitis (miserable!), but it sounds like you’re enjoying these early “snuggle days.” I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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